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I craft high-performing websites that are user-friendly, accurately represent your brand, and strategically convert leads into customers.

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your business needs more than a website

You need a results-driven, high-performing website.

Not only is it essential to have a website that looks beautiful and professional, but you also need a results-driven, high-performing website built to strategically solve the problems impacting your business.

High-performing websites are user-friendly, conversion-centered, and strategic, which means more clients, sales, and brand awareness for your business.

a website that gets your business MORE

more customers
more sales
more brand recognition

A high-performing website will do several things for you, starting with getting your business discovered more and creating more business opportunities.

It puts you in front of your target customer and helps convey trust amongst your potential and existing clients.

Your high-performing website will also help position you as an expert and authority in your industry and set you apart from your competitors.

My creative Process


I intend to get to know you and understand your business better in this phase. We will uncover and discuss the problems affecting your business and begin exploring possible solutions to achieve your goals best.


This phase consists of better understanding the root cause of the problems we are trying to solve, establishing how we will define success, and creating a strategic action plan that gives your business the best possible results.


To create the best strategic solution for your business, I will gather valuable information and learn about your market, industry, competitors, and target audience.


Based on everything we discuss and agree on, I will create a customized website that visually represents your brand accurately, meets the needs of your business, and achieves the goals we established. I intend to craft a visual design that is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and accurately conveys your story in a way that’s coherent and easy for your customers to understand.


Once you are satisfied with the design, I will develop a high-performing website that is fast, secure, and reliable. I will ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and effectively responds to various screen sizes and devices.


Finally, I will launch your high-performing website once I have your final approval to go live. I will also provide custom training videos that explain how you can add and edit the content on your website all on your own.

some recent projects

what my clientssay about me

Amy S.

Sonny has done fantastic work to help us grow our business. Thanks to our new website, we’ve driven more traffic and increased sales. We’re incredibly grateful for all his work.

Client photo of Amy.
James P.

I've worked with Sonny for several years on a variety of projects throughout the different stages of my business. I'm happy to say he's been great to work with and always delivers exactly what I'm looking for.

Client photo of James.
Steve A.

Before working with Sonny, we had a website that we were not happy with. We came to Sonny not knowing exactly what we wanted or needed and he was able to help us determine which option would best help our business. It is important to have people you can trust, and we are very pleased with his professionalism and collaborative personality.

Client photo of Steve.

frequently askedquestions

How much does it cost to create a high-performing website?

Every project is different, and the cost depends on the project’s scope, requirements, and complexity.

When we have our discovery call, we will identify specific details and objectives that affect the cost. These variables consist of the number of pages on your website, timeline, particular features, etc. 

For reference, most of my clients come to me with a budget greater than $2,000

Are there any additional costs?

In addition to the design and development of your website, you will need to purchase hosting and a custom domain. I am happy to help you accomplish this if required.

Since I build my websites using Webflow, I recommend purchasing hosting directly from Webflow to get the most out of your website. I am happy to help you choose the best and most affordable hosting plan.

How long does it take to create a high-performing website?

The time frame is dependent on the scope and complexity of the website.

On average, a landing page may take 2-3 weeks to complete. Larger and more complex websites may take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to complete. 

Deciding on a reasonable time frame that you and I are satisfied with is something we will do at the beginning of the project, and once we agree on a suitable time frame, I am committed to meeting strict deadlines. 

Do I need a developer to make future updates on my website?

You do not need a developer to change content such as images and text. 

My goal is to create a high-performing website that you can easily manage and make changes to on your own. 

I will also provide you with custom training videos that explain how to edit the content of your website. 

However, if you need changes made to the design and layout of your website, you will need to have a developer help you with these changes. 

I offer several support and maintenance options, and I am happy to discuss these options to help decide which option best suits your needs.

Do you offer other services besides web design?

Yes, I offer several services, including:

Brand Identity Design
Logo design
Website Audits

About Me

Hey, I'm Sonny

I’m Sonny Lettig, a freelance designer passionate about developing the best brand-enhancing solutions that create better business opportunities. I live in Colorado, enjoy kettlebell workouts, martial arts, have an intense love for music, and love to DJ.

For the past few years, I’ve worked with various businesses and organizations to find creative and strategic solutions to unique problems and build solid brand identities that reinforce each client’s full potential.

I love designing and continue to learn and evolve with the industry. My creative juices flow best in web design and development, and I’ve worked diligently to create a strategic design process to develop the best solutions for my clients.

My mission is to help position businesses to create meaningful connections with customers by aligning what they want people to think about their business with what they genuinely think about them.

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when i'm not working hard for my clients, i work hard at my other passion, which is djing.

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